Educare Centre

Educare Centre

Schedule and Programme

 Teaching Hours:

Morning Session:

  • Monday Friday: 8:00am 12:00pm

Afternoon Session:

  • Monday Friday: 1:00pm 4:00pm

The Programme:

Our programme aims to promote the development of the whole child through the incorporation of a child-centred program that caters for the development of the individual child and builds on already acquired skills while promoting areas of need. The preschool welcomes input from parents in its educational planning


Play is considered a tool for children's learning. Children make sense of the world in which they live, about themselves, their surroundings and how all these are interrelated through play. Play assists in cultivating and refining all areas of development. The centre prides itself in its diversity. The enrolment comprises of many Pacific cultural groups as well as children with special needs. The Centre is licensed by the Fiji Ministry of Education. Education staff aim to promote the development of the whole child by fostering:

  • Large & small muscle development - Strenght, coordination, balance, speed, control, endurance, agility through out door and indoor free play activities
  • Emotional development - Ability to feel secure and have confidence to make choices, actively participate in group activities and enjoy a positive sense of well being.
  • Social skills - Sharing, cooperation, turn-takings, positive interactions with peers and adutls.
  • Cognitive skills - Through play, hands on experiences by using their 5 senses, to promote cretivity and curiosity by providing challenges and experiences that foster an inquiring mind.
  • Language skills - Through music, role play, dance, rhyme, stories, listening, reading, writing, recognition, memory and vocabularly.
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Educare Centre
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