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Infectious Diseases Policy

Child care is labour - intensive, involving many close physical interactions among children and adults each day. Children are particularly at risk of infection because:

  1. They have close contact with a wide range of children and adults in closed spaces for long periods of time.
  2. They have had previously little exposure to many common infectious diseases
  3. They have increased contacts with materials ( toys, toilets, etc.) that might be infectious
  4. They are likely to get childhood diseases that previously (before care) occurred in older children. Younger children are more likely to have complications (e.g. measles) than older children
  5. They are continuously being introduced to new children (many from differing cultures) who come with their own set of pathogens.
  6. They have age characteristic behaviors which contribute to the spread of infections: e.g., lack of toilet training, lack of control over bodily secretions, and inability to correctly wash hands
  7. They are at risk from some infectious agents which live for many days on surface or require only one to a few organisms to cause illness
  8. The risk of infection can be increased through adult lack of awareness in regard to hygiene procedures and where group sizes are large

Our main objective is to create a safe and hygienic environment that will promote the health of the children. Whilst it is our aim to assist parents in the rearing of their children, the responsibility of parenting remains “that of the parent”. A sick child will always need the “special” comforting of his or her parents.

As a general principle, children should not be brought into the kindergarten unless they are able to cope adequately with the normal Kindergarten routines and activities.

As a precautionary measure, all sick children should be kept home.

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