Educare Centre

Educare Centre

USP Educare Centre Policies and Procedures

Conditions of Entry

  • Your child should be 3 years of age, or above before enrolment
  • Your child should be toilet trained

Entering Educare Centre
Please do not park your car close or in the Educare driveway, as it is very dangerous, particularly for the little ones. Use the “Pick Up” & “Drop Off” space provided.

Sign In Book
Each day when you arrive and collect your child, parents are strongly requested to sign for their child. This enables the teacher on duty to know that your child has arrived and /or has been picked up.

Please let the teachers know in advance if any unauthorized person is sent to pick up the child.

Junk Food
We try very hard to teach the children about nutritious foods in order to promote good health. We hope that you will not send sweets, biscuits, cake or junk fod.

We would prefer that the children be given fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, roti or healthy finger foods. We would also prefer that the children drink water or real fruit juice, rather then carbonated drinks.

We have a No SMOKING policy at the Educare Centre. Please remember this and refrain from smoking whilst you are in the Educare Centre compound.

Bringing Toys 
We would prefer if children did not bring toys from home. Often bringing toys leads to problems and tears.
If your children have a favorite toy and are upset, then on “upset days” we can arrange that this comes to school with your child.

If children take toys home from school by accident, please remember to return these toys to school.

“NO HITTING” Policy 
We have a “no hitting” policy at the Educare Centre. When children do wrong, we explain what they should do.

Late Pickup Fine
If the child is not picked up on time, then there is a fine of $2.00 for every half hour and part there of. Similarly, if a child is dropped off more than 15 mns before the session begins, a similar fine occurs.

School Fees
Fees are to be paid in advance of each term. No child will be allowed in the next term if fees are due for previous terms.

Keeping Gate Closed at All Times
Every time you walk in or walk out of the gate, please remember to close the gate. This is for the safety of your children

Parent Involvement
Parents will be asked to participate whenever possible in the Educare programme. You may be asked to volunteer and showcase your hidden talents by reading a story, singing, showing children how to weave or do pottery, etc. Please feel free to discuss this with the teachers

Parents also need to join groups and discuss about ways to fundraise as the centre needs funds to function effectively and also be active PTA members.

Parents of all newly enrolled children are requested to provide evidence that their child/children are appropriately immunized in accordance with their age

Notice to Parents
Remember to read the Notice Board to keep you updated. Also check to see if there are any newsletters for you parents.

Health Policy
All sick children should be kept home.

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