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USP Educare Philosophy

Our early childhood philosophy is a statement of our beliefs for the centre. It is a guide to our practices. It is our master plan

It is as follows:

Each child should be recognized as being unique, being at different levels of development and having different needs

Therefore our programmes are designed to cater for a variety of learning style and for each child’s need in the centre.

Each child should be recognized as being special.
Therefore we demonstration respect and love regardless of gender, ethnic group, religion and ability for each child in the center.

The programme should be child- centred and not teacher focused.
Therefore we allow children to use their senses and spend more time in exploring materials and teachers will use the different strategies of implementation to cater for the different learning styles of the students in the centre. 

The programme should focus on the growth and development of the “whole” child ( social, emotional, physical, intellectual, language and creative development) rather than concentrate on curriculum areas (science, math, reading)
Therefore our programme is balanced and we have a variety of play based activities which are regularly improved to support the learning of the children.

Each child should learn through play.
Therefore play will be recognized as a “child’s work” and it will be used as a teaching/learning tool.

The parents should play an significant role in the Educare Centre, in the programme, through fund raising, through advice on their children’s needs, and by participating in organized school activities.
Therefore we will promote partnership with the parents, welcome parents’ contribution, encourage communication with parents and have more of parent education sessions.

The teacher should facilitate the children’s learning through careful planning, providing positive interactions, modeling appropriate behaviors and offering creative opportunities for play both indoors and outdoors.
Therefore teachers will ensure to have commitment, with honesty, respect, professionalism and ethics while carrying their duties in USP Educare Centre.

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