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Working towards the success of ALL learners is our priority. At the USP Educare Centre, teachers use a variety of strategies to make ALL children feel welcome and we also provide a variety of activities to meet the wide range of needs in children. 


Research shows that learning in the early years lays the foundation for later learning and sets children on a path for school, work and life. Your child will benefit from attending our USP Educare program before they go to school.

USP Educare Centre promotes a curriculum that is based on play. Children develop basic skills through play. Basic mathematics and science concepts such as categorizing, sorting and matching, making sets, seriating, colors, counting, experimenting and exploring are developed through play. Social skills and language are developed through interacting with one another. Children learn to share, take turns, communicate, negotiate, solve problems and many more skills are developed. The skills developed will help your child for his/her whole life. 

In our program we encourage families and staff to work together and provide important learning experiences for young children.


    • Parents are requested to participate wherever possible in the Educare program by means of joining the teachers through storytelling, singing, arts and craft activities, special functions etc.
    • Parents are also encouraged to be active PTA members.
    • PTA meetings will be done on a frequent basis and you will be informed through the monthly newsletter.
    • Parents are given only one week to help settle their children.


    • Original Birth Certificate and Medical card
    • 2 F4 80 pages Exercise book (for morning session only)
    • Portfolio- (Sold in School)
    • 1 (6x4) photo
    • 2 Passport size photo


Parents are required to pack nutritious snacks e.g. fruits, nuts or sandwiches and healthy drinks such as fruit juice or water every day. We do not encourage junk food or fizzy drinks. Coke is strictly not allowed.


  • The health of your child is important to us. Therefore sick children must be seen by your family doctor and stay home until they are better.
  • Information pertaining your child's health must be provided in the enrolment form.
  • If the child is sick or cannot attend his/her session, parents are requested to inform the Head Teacher or any of the teachers for that matter. If the absences are foreseeable an ABSENCE
  • Application for vacation is necessary.


Excursions are part of children's learning program. It will only be done if there is a need.


Other departments like the Health Ministry, Road Safety, Fire, Police and the Army will be requested to pay visits to the Educare throughout the academic year so children are familiar with the roles they play.


Parents will be called when this happens and the staff will look after the child before the parent or guardian arrives. If the accident is serious, teachers will provide an emergency evacuation to the hospital. 


Children are not to bring toys from home as this sometimes causes some inappropriate behaviors in children. We prefer children to use whatever is available at the Centre.


Children will be loved, cared for and protected while under the teacher’s care.


    • Parents are requested not to leave children alone when no teacher is available at the Centre. You are to be with your child until the teacher arrives.
    • Parents are strongly advised to pick up their children on time. Teachers must be informed in advance in case of any delay. 
    • Parents are advised to inform the teachers if someone else is coming to pick up his/her child.
    • Parents are to pick and drop their children within the preschool gate and must sign them in when dropping or out when picking up.
    • In case of parent dispute over the child a copy of the court order or relevant document must be presented to the Head Teacher to prevent the non-custodial parent from picking up the child.


Photo taking: Documentation of activities is part of the USP Educare program. In this way we can document our experiences, building of friendships, and some memorable times. 


ALL children's belongings (shoes, bags, containers, juice bottles, clothes etc.) must be labeled.


There are four terms that correspond with the University Semesters. The Term dates are as follows: 



Term 1

January 15th-March 23rd   

Term 2

April 2nd - June 8th  

Term 3

June 18th - August 24th  

Term 4

September 3rd – NOvember 9th   


Fee Type


Enrollment Fee


Morning Session (4.5 - 6 yrs)

$350.00 per term

Afternoon session (3 – 4.4yrs)

$350.00 per term

    • The enrollment fee ($130.00) is to be paid on the day of registration.
    • All fee payments are to be made at the USP cashier (beside West Pac USP Branch) and official USP receipts are to be sighted by the Head Teacher at the beginning of every term. 
    • Fresh enrollment ($50:00) is to be paid by children who miss a term or more within the year to be re-enrolled. Exceptions would be accepted for genuine reasons with evidence.

      Sessions (Please tick session applied)

      Morning: 8.00am – 11:45 am

      Afternoon: 1pm – 4pm


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