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The University of the South Pacific was established in 1968 as a regional tertiary institution and it now serves twelve countries [1] with fourteen campuses. It has a very extensive ICT system that covers all its 14 campuses in twelve countries.

The University wishes to engage a consultant or a team of two consultants to provide a deep review of the Information and Communications systems with a view to enhancing its performance.

Objectives and Activities 

The Consultant (s) is required to provide analyses and recommendations relating to:

  1. The Universityís Information and Technology Services (ITS) section, taking into account the various activities and responsibilities of this section and in relation to the importance that the Draft Strategic Plan places on this vital area.

    Specifically, the Consultant(s) will assess the current state of information technology infrastructure, services and delivery within the University, with respect to the needs and expectations of stakeholders and its campuses, and relative to best practice elsewhere.

  2. The leadership and structure, including the management structure, functions, and future plans and the sectionís and the Universityís ability to sustain high quality service and staff in this area.

  3. Systems for software acquisition, procurement arrangements and academic discounts that are normally available to other tertiary/higher education institutions.

  4. Funding in comparison with other universities, taking into account the special nature of the University.

  5. The quality assurance and risk management systems of ITS.


The main output will be a report of no more than 35 pages (with Executive Summary) that contains:

  1. an assessment of how ITS operates at USP i.e. its current state of information technology infrastructure, services and delivery within the University,

  2. identification of the key issues that ITS needs to address to strengthen its services and operations in line with best practice, with the view of enabling it to better deliver on the USP Strategic goals

  3. an evaluation of the existing risk management system

  4. recommendations on an appropriate structure for ITS

  5. recommendations for improvements to its processes and systems

  6. an implementation plan, priorities for action and implementation risks

Required Consultant Skills

 This Consultancy requires:

  1. Excellent qualifications in IT

  2. Extensive experience of running a large IT operation in a complex organization, preferably in higher education

  3. Significant experience of working with and reviewing ITS and similar services in tertiary / higher education organisations

  4. Capacity to provide workable solutions for the USP operating environment


The expected timeframe for this consultancy is 30 days.

A draft report is required by 30 June 2009. Comments will be provided within 20 days and the final report should be submitted to the Vice Chancellor by 24 July 2009.

Lines of Accountability

The Consultancy will be supervised by the Vice Chancellor through the Project Manager.

Expressions of Interest

Detailed Curriculum Vitae with a proposal detailing expertise and previous experience of similar reviews, proposed methodology, costing and confirming availability must be sent to the contact below and received no later than 4.00pm on Friday 15 May 2009.

Mrs. Marica Tabualevu
Project Manager
Governance and Management Strengthening & Enhancement Project
The University of the South Pacific
Private Mailbag, Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji Islands

Tel: (679) 3232074
Fax: (679) 3231521

Expressions of Interest may be submitted by email to: governanceproject(at) by the closing date with a copy being mailed to the above address.

[1] Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga,   Tuvalu, Vanuatu.


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