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The occupational and environmental health and safety unit of the University of the South Pacific is part of the Section of Property and Facilities.

The occupational and environmental health and safety unit scope of operations within all campuses of the university is mandated by the  2015 USP OHS Policy .

OHS Team Members

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What We Do

The scope of operations performed by the occupational and environmental health , safety unit  is to coordinate the implementation and monitoring of workplace and environmental health and safety programs in all campuses of the University of the South Pacific.

The following services are provided to all workplaces within the university

  • OHS & Environmental Compliance Advisory and Services to enable all campuses and external contractors who the university engages with meet health safety and environmental statutory requirements and international best practices and standards. 
  • OHS & Environmental Consultation via establishment of workplace representatives and committees and consultation with contractors in compliance with national OHS legislation and international best practices.
  • OHS & Environmental Hazard and Risk Management through assessment of hazards and risk via the conduct of workplace and environmental inspections & audits and initiating actions to ensure hazards and their risks are addressed appropriately.This also include compliance to statutory and international standards for specific safety hazards eg.fire safety and hazardous materials and hazardous types of work , workplaces and environment.
  • Workplace & Environmental Health and Safety Awareness by continuing educational training in this areas to staff and students via inductions and workshops,publications and live demonstrations and drills.
  • Incident Management by ensuring personal injury and environmental health and safety incidents are prevented and managed appropriately if they occur with minimal loss to life and property.
  • Campus Emergency Management by ensuring potential health , safety and environmental emergencies within campuses and workplaces eg.Fire ,Earthquake,Tsunami and Cyclones ,etc have documented plans and procedures and that regular preparedness activities are done to enhance staff and student's response and recovery to these emergencies is done appropriately.
  • Provision of Safety Signage and Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Provision of Sustainable Waste Management and Environmental Green practices and services 

 How Can You Contact Us

We are located at the Laucala Middle Campus in Suva , Fiji Islands.

Our offices is located within the USP Property & Facilities Admin Office located at the junction of Queen Elizabeth Drive and Laucala Bay Road in Suva. 

Land Line Phone Contacts  (679 )32 31959

Team Mobile Phone Contacts      

( 679 ) 9219538

(679 )  9575993

( 679 ) 9227892

( 679 ) 8669765

Generic Email address : ohs@usp.ac.fj

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